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A book with, sadly, no real redeeming features.
The characterisation is almost non existant, the writing is mediocre to poor, and virtually nothing happens it s a travelogue that doesn t bother talking about the places you re passing like sightseeing in a tunnel Bizarrely, this introduction to the Spelljammer setting has very little Spelljammer in it it feels like passing time before the story can leave the planet.
A book in which a mediaeval peasant and his space hippopotamus companion are chased by psychotic fascist spider eels intent on conquering the galaxy ought not to be this unremarkable.
However, it should be said that the book isn t totally worthless I actually found it a pretty quick and easy read, and not offensively bad barring a Imagine the hero s journey, only once you get to the refusing the call step you simply just stopped Like, if in Star Wars Luke found his dead relatives and then told Obi Wan he has cousins in Anchorhead, so he still isn t going to Mos Eisley.
I bought this book because I was interesting in seeing a Spelljammer adventure In the opening sequence a Spelljammer crashes, then the story is just two guys traveling around in the Dragonlance setting for three hundred pages There is a cloak macguffin introduced immediately, but it is never explained Spoilers almost nothing changes by the end Every character Teldin meets is left behind His personality close to friends, suspicious of strangers, quick to anger doesn t change H It s the story we all know and can relate to a simple country farmboy goes off to war and comes home to tend the family farm when all of a sudden a spaceship crashes in the field, the boy gets befriended by a hippo headed military man, and he gets stuck with a powerful artifact that dangerous forces want to take for themselves I think we ve all been there.
The pacing was a touch slow in parts, and I have to assume that the only reason the novel series started in the Dragonlance series was because the series HAD to visit all of the big three TSR settings, as the rest of the series dealt with hardly anything else from Dragonlance.
Anyway, this is the first in a series of SpellJammer novels and I think that it was pretty good People who are fans of the setting or are fans of light heated silliness and adventure should find something enjoyable, but anyone who doesn t like the le The first of seven Spelljammer books8 May 2012 Look, I am not going to give any of these books a really high rating simply because they are shameless spinoffs from an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons setting While that won t bother many people, for me it is a part of my life that I have put behind me simply because there is so muchquality writing out there that I really don t have time to waste reading what is in effect an advertisement or an accessory for a game Once again, it does not mean that the setting or the story is bad, but then it does not necessarily mean it is good either This is pretty much an average book written by an author who is probablyadept at writing complex rules and adventure models though I must admit he is a lot better than Ed Greenwood wait until I start adding some of his books and see the num Pretty fun read but the dang map in the beginning actually spoils a lot of the plot points.
And here s somewhat of a SPOILER for the book The whole book takes place on the original Dragonlance planet so I was a bit dissapointed, because I was wanting a space multi dimensional travel story, but they never get on a spelljammer ship until the end.
This book really surprised me As an old school gamer, I was looking for DD based novels for nostalgia purposes, but most of what I got my hands on didn t grab me at best, or was unreadable at worst I read one from Paul Kidd, which was kinda fun, because it had a lot of tounge in cheek humor and inside jokes for old school gamers like me, and I read a few of Salvatore s Drizz t novels, which I thought were just okay But this one took my by surprise It grabbed me right from the start The characters were multi dimensional and the world seemed real The story was well paced and held my interest throughout I would recommend this to any DD fan, but also fans of fantasy novels in general This one holds its own with any fantasy novel I have read in the last ten years.
Did Teldin Moore Know There Was Life Beyond Krynn S Moons Until A Crashed Spelljamming Ship Demolished His Farm And Changed His Life With A Dying Alien S Magical Cloak And Cryptic Words, Teldin Quickly Discovers That He S A Popular Fellow With Killers And ✓ read Ê Beyond the Moons (Spelljammer: The Cloakmaster Cycle, #1) by David Zeb Cook Ö Cutthroats Û Beyond the Moons (Spelljammer: The Cloakmaster Cycle, #1) ✓ Full review here I m quite enjoying this series so far The powers of the cloak are slowly being revealed and gnomes make for very amusing encounters.
I can t believe I once read this, but then I was young.
I remember digging the hippo though.