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Lot of good information Very impressed.
There are a variety of books in this series Eat This, Not That is the key term in several titles This volume suggests cooking one dish rather than having something else less healthy for one One cool example Whip up a grilled chicken and pineapple sandwich The recipe includes the ingredients needed and the steps needed to make this sandwich The entry shows how much per serving this costs 2.
64 as well as calories 400 , fat content 11 grams of fat, 6 of which are saturated , and 640 milligrams of salt What not to eat Outback s grilled chicken and Swiss sandwich costing 7.
95 and featuring 896 calories, 33 grams of fat 10 grams saturated , and 1,323 milligrams of sodium The point is pretty inescapable You can make something yourself that is less expensive and better nutritionally Thus, one gets a recipe as well as data allowing the reader to compare Non Fiction Health WellnessThis book is ideal for people who often eat in fast food or other restaurants The vast majority of content is how to enjoy your favorite restaurant dishes at home, by switching up ingredients that dramatically cuts calories, fat, salt, etc.
, while still producing a yummy meal.
There are a few short sections in between a comparison of cereals, etc.

These guides are for a very specific audience people who regularly eat chain food and do not cook If you re already a health oriented home cook, the book will be useless and probably outrageous, but you don t need the help either If you re trying to wean yourself or someone else off of chain food in a gradual, sustainable way, this is a great start because it s healthy, inexpensive variations on standard menu items Crucially, the recipes are also fast and easy for a novice Along with the recipes, the book is jammed with general advice The standard I don t have time to cook argument is attacked right in the beginning There are pantry guides and great visual scorecards on the relative merits of different cuts of meat, types of dairy, etc Many recipes include variations, substitutions, and ideas for leftovers Single use gadgets are discouraged A few dishes could use clearer Informative, handy little book I like the charts of ingredients for stews, stir fries, sandwiches, dips, and the gentle nudge in the right direction with snacks and food choices.
What I really appreciate about his books that while they re quite loud and colorful, they re not overly preachy or overbearing It s not so much this will kill you but adiplomatic poke in the right direction maybe you d rather have this 300 calorie fajita rather than that 1700 calorie burrito The copy I ve picked up from the library is quite new and already very loved Some nice reader s took it with them to the kitchen I ve been prying the pages apart from god knows what kind of goo I think a stir fry sauceOne of the things that fascinates me about his books in general is just seeing how many calories are in seemingly innocent dishes at restaurants As a culture, we ve tru Cook This, Not That is the latest book about healthy eating from Zinczenko Goulding Eat This, Not That was hugely popular, and this one is proving to be as well What the authors do so right is include ingredients and foods that real people actually want to eatno nonfat whipped cream or tofu in sight The colorful pictures and easy to follow directions make this a no brainer Any ordinary cook can whip up something far healthier than a chain restaurant in less time than it takes to drive there or have it delivered.
I would never recommend a cookbook that I wouldn t try, so I have tried many recipes from Cook This, Not That The ones that I have cooked have been delicious, from appetizers to desserts Olive Garden s Fettucine Alfredo A.
A Heart Attack on a Plate rings in at 1,220 calories The same taste can be gained from using a few tablespoons of butter, milk, flour, an Ü Eat This Not That! Cook Yourself Skinny: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution Õ This is a masterful book full of some of the best cooking health advice I have read It makes cooking and being healthy so easy There are tons of recipes that are about 350 calories, taste great, and take only 30 minutes Plus, he has really great tips on each page for quick meals or ways to make your meal into different leftovers.
But I ll admit that my favorite part is the way he actually teaches someone like me to cook I ve always hated my friends and family who can just throw something together because they know what tastes right together and what spices go with what foods Well, he teaches that in this book, and it is something that I use and will be sure to teach my kids so that they can grow up to be those people that I once hated You Know The Average Dinner From A Chain Restaurant Costs NearlyA Person And Contains Than , Calories That S Hard On Your Wallet And Your Waistline, And Few People Understand This Better Than The Authors Of Eat This, Not That After Years Of Helping Consumers Navigate America S Daunting Culinary Landscape And Literally Thousands Of Weight Loss Success Stories Dave And Matt Have Finally Turned Their Nutritional Savvy To The Place With The Greatest Impact Your Kitchen The Hundreds Of Recipes Contained ✓ Eat This Not That! Cook Yourself Skinny: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution ↠´ Download by ✓ David Zinczenko Inside This Book Will Help You And Your Loved Ones Eliminate Body Fat, Get In Shape, And Lead Fitter, Happier Lives But Make No Mistake This Is No Rice And Tofu Cookbook The Genius Of Cook This, Not Thatis That It Teaches You How To Save Hundreds Sometimes Thousands Of Calories By Recreating America S Most Popular Restaurant Dishes, Including Outback Steakhouse S Roasted Filet With Port Wine Sauce, Uno Chicago Grill S Individual Deep Dish Pizza, And Chili S Fire Grilled Chicken Fajita Alongside This You Ll Find Other Priceless Advice, Such As TheWays To Cook A Chicken Breast, A DozenMinute Pasta Sauces, The Ultimate Sandwich Matrix, And Other On The Go Cooking Tips Scorecards That Let You Easily Compare The Nutritional Quality Of The Carbohydrates, Fats, And Proteins That Go Into Building Every Meal You Eat The Truth About How Seemingly Healthy Foods Such As Wheat Bread, Salmon, And Low Fat Snacks Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Health I really liked this book It gives you pictures which is a must for me in any great cookbook , and even gives you an alternative way to cut evencalories from the recipe they provide I recently used their recipe for chicken parmesan, and although it took me took longer to cook than what the book said, it came out quite nicely, and will use that recipe in the future Will definitely reccommend for anyone looking for easy low calorie dishes.
Unlike many other books that focus on nutrition, I actually enjoyed reading this book It is written in the same slightly irreverent style as Mens Health, the magazine that birthed the book series With its dynamic layout and easy to swallow tidbits of information, this and all the other books in the This, Not That series entice even my children to pick them up and read about healthy eating.