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The Valiant Kingdoms Of The Western Realms And The Exotic Eastern Lands Of Kara Tur Lies A Vast, Unexplored Kingdom For Centuries, The Civilized Peoples Of The Forgotten Realms Have Given Little Notice To These Barbarians Now, A Powerful Leader Has United The Wild Horsemen Into A Mighty Force An Army Powerful Enough To Challenge The World Horselords Is The First Novel In The Empires Trilogy, TSR S Newest Saga Set In The FORGOTTEN REALMS Fantasy à read ä Horselords (Forgotten Realms: Empires, #1) by David Zeb Cook ✓ World I have been reading or re reading in some cases The Forgotten Realms books in chronological order This is one of the trilogies I haven t read I found book one to be a good change from the main areas in the Realms Not a lot of fighting but a lot of plotting and treason which made for a great read.
This is a very good book It tells us about the adventures of an Khazari priest, Koja, who is sent by his prince as an ambassador to the barbarians people called the Tuigans These people are the mongols counterparts from real history and they re lead by Yamun Khahan, which is basically Genghis Khan The plot is strong, the characters are well described with both their strengths and weaknesses, the paceing is good However, I can t give it a full five starts because in the end the book feels a little rushed, as if the author was given a fixed number of pages to write the book.
It s interesting to me that the first intstallment in the Forgotten Realms series by David Zeb Cook, an author who evidently is less famous than another David Cook nowadays, was very low magic fantasy in it s setting This author who had written many or most of the DD gaming products prior to the novel s 1990 publication, was very cognizant of the richness of the magic monster system available in the setting but chose to make this a story mainly about internal Tuigan politics instead This story is very much the combination of modern fictionalized retellings of Marco Polo s travels to Kublai Khan s court and some of Genghis Khan s historical exploits They only throw in a few spells and a supernatural creature into the plot mainly incidentally.
I An engaging set of characters with that same strange mix of historical fiction detail, magic thrown in.
Una novela divertida y entretenida que contiene todos los elementos necesarios para que una historia de fantas a funcione No cambiar el mundo de la literatura pero si que deja al lector entusiasmado por encontrar la segunda parte y proseguir con la lectura de la saga.
Ä Horselords (Forgotten Realms: Empires, #1) Ä Horselords is the first book in the Empires trilogy, that features Koja of Khazari and Yamun Khahan It takes place in a wide variety of places, mainly in the Tuigan Steppes, and Khazari All in all, the book is fairly straightforward, and doesn t have much in twists and turns , or in flavor prose It s a pretty nitty, gritty novel, just like the events that go on within it s pages My book is even ripped I accidentally cut a line in the cover with a razor blade when I was opening the box it was in when I moved , to give itgrittiness.
In terms of the story, Dave Cook does a pretty decent job of taking something right out of our history books the Mongols, their invasion of Song China, and the subsequent Mongolian Empire and spinning and twisting it such that it has it s own somewhat unique Faer nian spin Yamun Khahan was given the divine mandate by Teylas himself to c Genghis in the Forgotten Realms25 March 2013 Well, I am currently sitting at boarding gate 43 at the Hong Kong International Airport waiting for my plane to Germany to begin boarding and I don t think I have enough time to see if I can get myself a beer not that I could see any bars as such, mostly restaurants that will serve you a beer if you have the money to pay for it Then again, that is probably like most places around the world, though they do have bars here in Hong Kong, but it really all depends on what part of the city you are in Mind you, last night I went into a place that had Nightclub on the sign out the front and it turned out to be a Karaoke Bar Basically you go in there and you pay something like 600.
00 Hong Kong to spend an hour singing to a girl Anyway, I was prepared for this to rather mediocre overall and was very surprised to find ainteresting book than anticipated The author took the time in my opinion to get good detail on how nomadic horse cultures worked and fit it into a DD setting Interesting interactions and intrigue Great book for fans of the Forgotten Realms.
The first in a 3 part series on the Forgotten Realms equivalent of the Mongolian invasions of China and Europe, Horselords tells the story of a Khazari Tibetan priest who travels as an advisor with a Tuigan Mongol warlord on his way to conquer the famous lands of the Shu Lung China.
Horselords was written by David Cook, who actually created the Eastern lands of KaraTur for Forgotten Realms, and has been working with and creating tabletop games his entire career.
Unfortunately I found his foray into the literary world to be unimaginative and cripplingly predictable The writing itself is adolescent, and he spends a lot of time shifting the perspective to multiple characters in the same thing, telling the reader exactly what they re thinking, instead of showing the reader through their actions It is also hardly a fantasy book Some fantastical element