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Martine is a young ranger who is bored with the typical messenger duties she s been tasked with as a junior member of the secret organization for good known as The Harpers But her mentor, the wizard Jazrac, chooses to send her on a mission to the frozen north where she must use magic stones to seal off a gate to a para elemental plane of ice It s a chance for Martine to show her mettle and earn her place as a real Harper so she jumps at the opportunity Awaiting her is adventure aplenty including ice elementals, a pack of wild dog like gnolls and an imperiled village of gnomes.
I enjoyed this entry in the open world of The Harpers series No doubt the nostalgia for my college days playing ADD aided my enjoyment and it was fun to see the fights play out like a gaming session for fairly low level DD adventurers And the After charging through the previous six Harper novels I find this last one to be the least favourite Filled with half page descriptions which weren t needed, several times my mind wandered off None of the characters were loveable or relatable, the only interesting character was the gnoll shaman.
There is an old story A fox catches a mouse out gathering acorns Cursed be the oak moans the mouse beneath the fox s paw The fox says, Foolish mouse, why do you curse the tree It didn t hurt you And the mouse answers, If the oak hadn t dropped the acorns, I wouldn t have been gathering them, and you would never have caught me Hearing the little mouse complain, the fox laughs and laughs so much that he let s his paw slip and the mouse pulls his tail free Off runs the mouse, only to be caught in the jaws of a snake Oh, cursed be the fox moans the mouse, for letting me go, else I would not have been caught.
The great cover gave me hope, but the story and writing fell short It was okay to be sure and some of the stuff concerning the way of the Gnolls was really good Worth reading if you are a DD player.
Intense, Personal Story Of Survival, A Departure From The Sweeping Battle Against Great Evil Tales That Characterize The Rest Of The Harpers books Journeying Far North In Defiance Of Her Harper Superiors, Martine Of Sembia Finds Herself Trapped In The Lonely, Snowbound Valley Of Samek [David Zeb Cook] Û Soldiers of Ice (Forgotten Realms: The Harpers, #7) [christian-contemporary-fiction PDF] read Online ↠´ Illustrations

The gnoll lore is not current.
What an excellent little surprise this was Solidly written and constructed, with characterisations above par for a DD novel A better entry to the Harpers canon.
↠´ Soldiers of Ice (Forgotten Realms: The Harpers, #7) Ú I generally like David Cook s FR novels a good dealthan I did this one.
This one came across as rather ODTAA, which is not particularly a flaw in this type of sword n sorcery outingbut the event driven plot here left little room for character development That s problematic because the events themselves were the most prosaic type of kill the monster, get the treasure adventure fare There s no tie in to the broad and interesting geopolitics of the Forgotten Realms, so you re left at the end wondering why Cook bothered writing in that setting The whole point of the protagonist s story arc is that she s supposed to be a sadder but wiser figure by book s end Sadder I ll grant, but wisdom is not evident While setting about accomplishing her goals sort of she m So this is the third book I ve read by Cook I will say that this one is better than King Pinch and on par with Horselord Not the greatest author, but the stories are decent.
I was pretty intrigued at first, but the plot quickly desolved into one heart wrentching mistake after another as the main character tries to do things that are way to difficult for her Don t get me wrong, I like it when heros are challanged, and I even like it when they doubt themselves But this got old Also, he killed off characters you wern t investied enough in to care, but they were cool enough to make you say, Why I liked him Once again, as I make my way through the forgotten realms books, I always find myself entertained enough to pick up the next one.
Went back and re read this book as an experiment Didn t remember anything about it, or most of the Harpers series, other than I generally enjoyed them Wanted to see if the writing was any good, now that I m grown up The verdict hit and miss I picked this book to re read because it has a cool cover Didn t get much out of it the second time through 2 stars Just OK Had a memorable fight against a group of gnolls early on, then not a lot happened There was some dubious shamanic magic, and a protagonist that wasn t very capable Would have been 1 star if I didn t like the genre and world setting so much Stick with Ed Greenwood or Elaine Cunningham within the Harpers sub series of Forgotten Realms.