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interesting and fun Forgotten Realms story and a Ward, Thief, a King and his friends.
I highly recommend.
Well, I am rereading my books all over again so I can do more reviews.

King Pinch is a fun read.
The heroes aren't really heroes at all, since they are looking out for themselves and trying to find a way to profit.

This is really a story of Janol (Pinch) learning of his past and finally throwing off the lies that clouded his birth and childhood.

All in all, it's a very good and fast read.
Pinch Forgotten Realms Wiki Fandom The King Is Dead, Long Live The King Meet Pinch, A Man Of Many Titles Scoundrel, Thief, Criminal Extraordinaire, Heir To The Throne Manferic III, Pinch S Guardian And The Former Ruler Of Ankhapur, Has Died Without A Direct Heir ALBERT KING THE PINCH FULL ALBUM YouTube ALBERT KING THE PINCHSIDE A The Blues Don T Change I M Doing Fine Nice To Be Nice [David Zeb Cook] Ë King Pinch (The Nobles #1) [world-of-darkness PDF] read Online Î Ain T That Nice Oh, Pretty Woman King Of Kings SIDE B Feel TheKing Pinch Forgotten Realms The Nobles BookEnglishAchetez Et Tlchargez Ebook King Pinch Forgotten Realms The Nobles BookEnglish Edition Boutique Kindle EpicKing Pinch Forgotten Realms The Nobles, BookDavidKing Pinch Forgotten Realms The Nobles, BookDavid Cook, David Heath, Audible StudiosLivres King Pinch Forgotten Realms The Nobles,by King Pinch Is A Fun read The Heroes Aren T Really Heroes At All, Since They Are Looking Out For Themselves And Trying To Find A Way To Profit This Is Really A Story Of Janol Pinch Learning Of His Past And Finally Throwing Off The Lies That Clouded His Birth And Childhood All In All, It S A Very Good And Fast read King Wikia One Punch Man Fandom King , Kingu Est Un Personnage Principal De One Punch Man Et Le Super Hros N De La Classe S De L Association Des Hros Il A La Rputation D Tre L Homme Le Plus Fort Du Monde , Chij Saiky No Otoko Il Est Considr En Tant Que L Un Des Trois Atouts De L Association Avec One Piece The Strongest Punch In Anime History The Strongest Punch In Anime History King Punch HD Suggested By Toei Animation Co Ltd Jurassic ShowShow Less LoadingThe KingIMDb Directed By David Michd With Tom Glynn Carney, Gbor Czap, Tom Fisher, Edward Ashley Hal, Wayward Prince And Heir To The English Throne, Is Crowned King Henry V After His Tyrannical Father Dies Now The Young King Must Navigate Palace Politics, The War His Father Left Behind, And The Emotional Strings Of His Past Life King One Punch Man Wiki FandomElizabello II One Piece Wiki Fandom The Fighting King Elizabello II Is The King Of Prodence Kingdom He Is Also A Fighter Who Joined As A Gladiator At The Corrida Colosseum To Compete For The Mera Mera No Mi He Is An Ally Of Luffy During The Dressrosa Arc Elizabello Is A Large Muscular Man, With A Thin Beard And A Very Prominent Chin He Has Slicked Back Blonde Hair His Lower Body Portion And Legs Are Mis Proportioned To This book was not doing it for me at all.
I spent a week getting through the first 2/3rds and thought I had made a huge mistake (as I can't ever stop reading a book once I've started).
But luckily for me, it did pick up in the last 100 pgs.

D&D novels are never really that amazing (with several notable exceptions), but they are my guilty pleasure and I love them.
This one falls into the former group.
This is the second story I've read by David Cook, I've got one more on my short "to read" list.
I think that the author has a great imagination and I feel like he is better at creating worlds and backgrounds than telling a story.

Also, at times, this novel seemed so wordy I found myself wondering if it was a testement to authors of a grander period (i.
Lord Dunsany or even Dumas).
I can appreciate that style in its approprate place, but a 300 p Honestly one of the best FR/TSR/DL books out there.
Started solid, introduced some fun characters, threw in a small twist, and ended pretty well (though a bit rushed).
Definitely a solid, mass market, brainless, formulaic fantasy novel.
which is essentially what all FR/TSR/DL novels are.
This one just happens to be one of the better ones.
Not a bad book.
Cook can make interesting characters, I want more adventure with them because this mass market novel let you wanting for more.
Intrigue is good but like many short d&d novels the ending is abrupt and not in space with the rest of the storie.

Didn't like artifact in story when the hero activated it at the last minute to save the day.

But still a good Forgotten Realms book even if not a classic, it's not just for fan and didn't feel like a RPG sourcebook.
Ø King Pinch (The Nobles #1) Ø ".
always learning the wrong thing first.
" Therrin rubbed against the scarf around his neck.
"I've been hanged once.
I don't need to be hanged again.
" "See!" came the hicup from below.
"Mos' man saves the hanging lesson for las'.
Surprisingly good.
I had a D&D issue with the effectiveness of a spell cast in this book, but what the hell.

More intrigue that I would have expected from this book
23 September 2014

Well, it has been over twenty years since I read my last Forgotten Realms novel, but after reviewing the ones that I have already read (and I generally cannot bring myself to read them a second time, which is why I have given them a rating and written a commentary) and going over other people's thoughts on these novels, I decided that I might grab a couple off of Ebay and see if what people have said (bad writing, bland characters, etc) is true.
So, while digging through the numerous books that have been published since I pretty much stopped reading everything that was released, I stumbled across this one.
So, why is it that I decided that I would read this one? Well, it had a cool title.
Okay, they do say that you shouldn't David Cook, King Pinch (TSR, 1995)

The typical Dungeons and Dragonsrelated novel has one pace to it: breakneck.
I've wondered more than once if one of the writing guidelines for new TSR authors is Poe's old maxim that all novels should be written as if they are to be read in one sitting.
(This, of course, is why Poe wrote only one novel.
) I've read a lot of D&Dthemed novels, and very few break that mold.
The most recent to cross my desk is David Cook's King Pinch.

Pinch is a thief of indeterminate birth who leads a band of merry men (and one overly merry woman) down a road of smalltime crookery that is, until a member of Pinch's past life shows up and takes him and his companions back to Ankhapur, the city of Pinch's birth, with promises of a